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Biolyn Collagen Q10 Powder 270g (EXP: 2022)

RM 199.00


Product name: Collagen Q10 Powder

Net Weight: 270g/ bottle

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed fish collagen powder, Q10 powder


1. The average molecular weight of the product is around 3000 daltons that can be easily absorbed by human body.

2. Hydrolyzed collagen

3. Deep sea fishes collagen powder from Japan

4. Safe, natural, effective

5.Free of preservatives

6.Free of sugar, colorings and flavors


1. Good for bones and joints protetion

2. Replenishes collagen lost in our skin

3. Enhances skin elasticity and firming

4. Anti-aging

How to take:

1. Mix 3g collagen powder in cold water, honey, lemon drink, fruit juice or soy drink. Take it on empty stomach for better absoption.


2. Mix 1 table spoon of collagen powder (around 5g) in cold water, honey, lemon drink, fruit juice or soy drink, take it on empty stomach.

Collagen Q10 - Q& A

1. Where is collagen extracted from?

fish collagen extracted from fishes skin or scale. It is free of fats and sugars. It does not contain colouring and low in calories. It is 100% hydrolyzed collagen.

2. Is collagen good for elderly?

Yes. As we grow older, collagen production slows. Wrinkles, dry skin, osteoarthritis, hair loss, osteoporosis and other diseases start to appear, these are signs of collagen loss in the body. Thus, stimulating collagen synthesis is one of the effective ways to slow down aging processes.

3. What are the signs lack of collagen /need to take collagen?

If wrinkle exists, skin easy to crack and dry, these are the symptom. They can start to take collagen to delay aging or as prevention.

4. Can collagen increases the moisture content in skin?

They trap water in skin.If the skin contains ample amounts of collagen, the moisture content in skin will increase too.

5. How collagen makes wrinkles less visible?

Yes, the main cause of wrinkles is severe lack of collagen in skin. The skin loses luster and get wrinkles for lack of enough moisture supply and also lack of the collagen bundles that help to hold the skin together. By increasing collagen intake, it may reduce or make the wrinkles less visible.

6. Is oral intake of collagen better than topical use?

Yes. Collagen is needed by skin, bone, hair, organ and cartilage. The result of topical use wouldn’t last for long period of time if compared to oral intake.