Our Company

Health is valuable present for human life. People can have money, houses, some luxurious things but they cannot buy health. Once geting a serious disease, everything becomes nothing immediately.  We, Biolyn strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. We strive to provide the best health supplement at affordable price to our consumer. We always wanted to develop new ideas with top quality health care products to our customers .

Company Background
Biolyn was born on year 2005 in Malaysia and specializing in quality health care, face care and hair care products. Biolyn company group also included biolyn Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The shared technology brings us the most effective and best health care products.

Biolyn Health Risk Management (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in specializing in health improvement supplement products. Health products are plentiful in our local market; most of them are priced beyond reach of average consumers. Hence, we have established Biolyn to focus " for the people " on delivering cost effective and more affordable health supplements in a convenient, time saving and fuss free method as possible.

Company Purpose
Biolyn serves by creating awareness for the people to further understand the needs of wellness, personal health and family health. It is important to know that prolonged wellness leads to much well balanced life. We also strive to guide the people into total healthy life style.

To be the leading Bio-company nationwide with first class health supplement provider with cost effective price and total value for money products delivered to customers in the best quality and manner possible.
To built worldwide recognition in the wellness industry. Continuously to win customer’s trust to Biolyn.