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Hair Serum 35ml x 10 (BUY 10 get 3 FREE)


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10 reviews for Hair Serum 35ml x 10 (BUY 10 get 3 FREE)

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Product Information

Biolyn Hair Serum 35ml

Continously supply of nutrients to hair follicles with peptides

TURN shedding hair into healthy hair growth

Excessive hair shedding due to insufficient nutrients to hair follicles. Biolyn hair serum contains peptides and hair growth promoting plant extracts to supply nutrients to hair follicles for a longer life span.

Hair follicles – The root for a healthy hair

The hair follicles is responsible for hair growth. On average, an individual has about 100,000-120,000 hair follicles. Each hair follicles provides nutrients to the hair and is responsible for its growth, texture and life span.

If the hair follicles are NOT PROTECTED and NOURISHED, malnourished hair follicles will have shorter life cycles and life span. Prolonged malnourishment further weakens and shrinks hair follicles, leading to dormancy and eventually follicles death. DEAD follicles cannnot grow hair again.

Why is Biolyn Hair Serum special?

Biolyn hair serum contains a scientifically acclaimed formula of biotransformed peptides and saccharides, henna, aleo vera and other plant extracts. It is specially formulated for individuals with weak hair follicles.


1.Supply nutrients to hair follicles with peptides

2.Protects hair follicles comprehensively

3.Promotes dense and thick hair

4.Reduces hair loss

5.Maintains healthy hair grwoth

6.Stronger and healthier hair


How To Use:

1. After hair wash, squeezes out 3-5 drops of hair serum onto your palm, apply directly onto clean and damp scalp.

2. Massage the hair serum on scalp evenly for few minutes to enhance blood circulation for optimal results.

3. Leave it on scalp. Do not need to rinse off.


How Effective Is Biolyn Serum?

The hair serum protects and nourishes the hair follicles comprehensively. Conditions such as receding hairline, thinning hair and excessive hair loss can be improved within 3-12 months of routine use. Eventually, existing dull an unhealthy hair can be replaced by new and healthy hair.


Can i continue to use hair styling or other chemical products after applying Biolyn hair serum?

We recommend to minimize the use of chemical products. Biolyn hair serum protects and strengthens the hair follicles to minimize potential damage.


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