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Red Yeast Rice



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Product Information

Oat is recognized by FDA as cholesterol lowering food. If you have been taking oats to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, red yeast rice might be another good choice for you. Red yeast rice contains naturally-occurring substances called monacolin-K, which is more effective in lowering cholesterol when compared with oat. It has been shown to dramatically benefit healthy cholesterol levels worldwide.

In comparison with oat, red yeast rice takes shorter times to exert its positive effects. Mona-K powder is a synergistic blend of red yeast rice, nattokinase, american ginseng, radix salviae miltiorrhizae and crataegus pinnatifida fruit, thus helping you regain health and end the struggle with high cholesterol worries!


Benefits of Mona-K Powder:

1.Helps in maintaning healthy cholesterol levels

2.Improves blood circulation

3.Maintains cardiovascular health


Active ingredients in Mona-K

The main ingredients are red yeast rice, radix panax ginseng (american ginseng), Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (Dan Shen) and fructus crataegus pinnatifida (hawthorn extract).


How to take this product?

Mix 1 teaspoon (1.5g) Mona-K powder with 125ml warm water. Take it in the morning and night before meal on empty stomach.


Mona-K Q& A

1. What is the best time to take Red Yeast Rice?

Before sleep. Cholesterol is manufactured in the body at night or sleep.


2. I’m taking medicine to control cholesterol and blood lipid levels, can I totally stop my medication and only take red yeast rice to control cholesterol levels?

If you are on medication, please do not stop taking medicine without doctor’s advice. Please spare at least 4 hours in between taking medicine and Red Yeast.


3. What is Red Yeast?

Red yeast rice extract is the by-product of Monascus purpureus (red yeast) fermenting on rice. Red yeast rice contains naturally-occurring substances called monacolins., GABA and flavonoids.


4. Who are not suitable candidates for Choles Cut?

Pregnant or nursing women and children should not use Choles Cut.


5. What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is insoluble in water. It is primary component of membrane cell. Cholesterol is important in hormone synthesis and as precursor for the synthesis of vitamin D and bile acid that help to digest fat. The body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to work properly.


6. High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. Can our body totally free of cholesterol?

No, it is essential to life. The functions of Cholesterol in body such as: Cholesterol is precursor to Vitamin D which is important to bone, bile acids formation, aids in digestion, hormone synthesis and maintains normal nerve functions.

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