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4 Major Functions of Enzymes Makeup Remover Soap

“One Soap, All You Need!
A Cleansing and Nourishing Product?

Four Major Functions: Deep Cleansing, Thorough Makeup Removal, Gentle Exfoliation, Brightening and Whitening.

Zero Chemical Harshness, 100% Healthy Skin Quality, Returning to the Essence of Skin. Active Enzymes + Polysaccharide Essence: Replacing Chemical Surfactants.

The Best Combination of Two Key Ingredients. Traditionally, a complete makeup removal, cleansing, and skincare routine often requires multiple cleaning and skincare products,

which can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive… Yet, you can’t do without any of them. Hoscode’s makeup remover soap, with its unique natural fruit enzyme active

ingredients, can break down dirt, dust, and excess oil that can harm the skin. It also provides gentle exfoliation to help with skin cell renewal. Washing your face and removing makeup in one step!

The ‘One Soap, All You Need’ concept is so enticing! Don’t hesitate to have it!”


  1. Cleansing Deeply cleanses the skin, breaking down dirt and excess oil that can harm the skin.
  2. Makeup Removal Enriched with fruit enzymes, it effectively and gently dissolves external impurities, chemicals, and pore-clogging substances, removing makeup.
  3. Whitening Rich in natural fruit enzymes, it evens out skin tone, brightening the complexion for radiant and glowing skin.
  4. Exfoliation Natural protein-dissolving enzymes gently eliminate dead skin cells, promoting skin cell renewal and metabolism, purifying the pores.”


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