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Foreword Biolyn Health Risk Management (M) Sdn. Bhd. (677818-v) is an internationally acclaimed brand that has won, over the years, a sterling reputation in the market with its best-selling product series.

Biolyn Health Risk Management (M) Sdn. Bhd. markets all its products under the brand name Biolyn, a reputable healthcare brand highly trusted by consumers in many markets around the world.

All Biolyn products have to go through stringent R&D before they are launched. Highly effective, each and every one of our products boasts of high acclaims and testimonials as well as a huge group of diehard users.

Online Business

Biolyn is a comprehensive healthcare brand that keeps abreast with the times. Apart from distribution through physical stores, our meticulously created best-selling product series is also available online to facilitate online purchase by customers all over the world.

The official website of Biolyn is: https://www.biolyn.com.my. The interface is designed to facilitate easy browsing and order placing. In addition, the website comes with a safe, reliable payment system to ensure convenient, safe online purchases for users from all regions.

In order to repay the long-term support of Biolyn customers, we also launch various forms of preferential promotions from time to time.


The internationally renowned Biolyn brand was established by
Mr. Lee Seng Siew, a top Asian business leader, in 2002. First established in Singapore, the brand was registered and firmly anchored in 5 other countries subsequently, namely Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong, all of them achieving excellent growth.

- Lee Seng Siew. Founder, CEO


Quality Requirements

Every new product launched by Biolyn is subject to meticulous considerations and strict quality requirements to ensure that it is of the finest quality and meets with high ratings, with the objective of winning excellent user experience and reputation. We vow to be a long-term player in the market and are poised to become a top company in comprehensive healthcare.

Market demand: we gain insight into the needs of the healthcare market by identifying specific healthcare problems faced by many, and meet the real needs of users with high-quality products.

All ABout Biolyn

Biolyn's comprehensive healthcare brand, spanning hair care, skincare and healthcare, is specially designed for the public. The dosing regimen includes oral and external applications, ranging from hair care to foot care, making Biolyn a truly versatile development company.

Under the able leadership of Mr. Lee Seng Siew, coupled with excellent user testimonials accumulated over the years, Biolyn has established itself as a renowned international brand, with a huge crowd of loyal customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia etc.

Brand Origin

The brand name Biolyn is made up of two English words, namely ‘Bio’ which means life, and ‘Lyn’, the homonym for link. The name thus denotes ‘a link full of biological sciences’.
As a branch of natural sciences, biological sciences is a sophisticated science that contributes significantly to the life of the modern man.
The brand name Biolyn signifies the fusion of sophisticated biological sciences into daily life to improve our health, hence an important link between biological sciences and healthy life.

I Solution: we conscientiously conceive product solutions through data collection and professional analysis, and by listening to the opinions and plans of medical experts, to aim at the root of the problem and develop healthcare solutions.

I Raw material selection: the raw materials for every Biolyn product are rigorously screened. We prioritize on herbal ingredients, the quality of which must be pure and harmless to the human body, ensuring safe and excellent user experience.

I High-end production: Biolyn products are commissioned to professional OEM factories for production. These factories have relevant international professional certifications as well complete, state-of-the-art production facilities to ensure the highest production standards.

I Stage-by-stage check: During the formal production process, Biolyn's team checks the production at every stage meticulously to ascertain the best product quality.

All the above work is followed up closely by Biolyn's professional R&D team. We maintain close collaboration with our manufacturers to ensure that each product is completely safe and offers the most perfect healthcare solution.