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Biolyn Skin H.A Serum 50ml


(23 customer reviews)

Deep Intensive Hydration

Restore moisture & keep
skin hydrated and plump

Natural Plant Hyaluronic Acid
Derived FromTremella Polysachharides


23 reviews for Biolyn Skin H.A Serum 50ml

  1. Xia an (verified owner)

    The best hyaluronic acid serum – super hydrating and feel so soft on my skin. It’s just so affordable…

  2. Nadia (verified owner)

    Serum yg paling best. Sgt sesuai dgn kulit sy. Selepas pakai 3 minggu rasa lembap je, kecilkan pori jgk, kulit pun glow biolyn HA serum ni memang best.

  3. Yan Yan (verified owner)

    Superb! Nice kulit hydrate & moist after using 1 week. Fragrance tak kuat, selesa bila sapu serum ni. Feel like easy absorbed and penetrates deep into skin instantly. I will repeat again

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How To Use: Skin H.A Serum

Product Info

This product contains high concentration of plant hyaluronic
acid that penetrates deep into skin layer to nourish and repair
dry skin, especially face & neck area, keeping it soft and supple.

Tremella fuciformis is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate,
calcium, phosphorus, iron as well as various vitamins,
trace elements etc.

Studies have shown that external application of Tremella fuciformis
extract ‘ exerts a potent skin moisturizing effect.

According to experimental documentation, when Tremella
Polysaccharide is applied on the skin, it forms a transparent
membrane that heightens water retention power in the skin,
markedly reducing water loss. It exhibits a potent moisturizing
effect by retaining 500 times its own weight of water.

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