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Biolyn Lotion 50ml


(43 customer reviews)

Get rid of Stiff Neck & Shoulder Pain

Biolyn Lotion with light essential oils aroma helps to

relieve muscle tension with long-lasting heat effects.

It is made of very small molecules, so the skin absorbs it

quickly and non-greasy

43 reviews for Biolyn Lotion 50ml

  1. Khilaal (verified owner)

    This product is exellent for relieving muscle pain & other similar aches/pains sustained during physical activities. When applied, it provides a heat sensation soothing relief to problem areas.

  2. Imen (verified owner)

    Produk terbaik.. second botol dah beli, mcm ubat panas, nee pakai 2,3 kali dah rasa keberkesanan.

  3. Fuaad (verified owner)

    Suka sangat dgn biolyn lotion ni… balik kerja lenguh kaki, sapu sebelum tidur dan rasa hangat2 gitu, esok pagi bangun kaki rasa selesa dan tak lenguh lagi.. Alhamdulillah

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Product Info


Essential oils: Lemon, Ginger, Eucalyptus

Black Ginger Extract Essence – Promotes Blood Circulation, Reduces-inflammation

Glycine Tomentella Hayata Extraction –
Soothes Muscle Joint Pain, Improves Blood Circulation & Dispels Blood Stasis

Turmeric Extract – Expels Wind And Dampness, Reduces-inflammation

Peppermint Essential Oil – Cooling Sensation, Relieves Muscle Tension

Capsaicin – Relieves Pain, Promotes Blood Circulation

Ginger Essential Oil – Expels Cold And Dampness

1. Do not apply to open wounds and skin ulcers.
2. Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
3. For children below 6 years old, please consult the doctor.
4. This product is for external application only.
5. Keep the product away from children.
6. In the event of rash, swelling, discomfort or
allergy after use, stop using the product.

Please wash your hands after applying lotion. Avoid touching your eyes,
nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

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